The Four C’s

Here's a concise summary of the Four C's of diamonds for Mandi & Co:

**1. Cut:** The cut of a diamond is crucial as it determines the stone's brilliance and sparkle. A well-cut diamond will shine with intensity, and at Mandi & Co, we prioritise precision and craftsmanship to ensure your diamond's exquisite beauty.

**2. Color:** Diamond color is graded on a scale, with truly colourless diamonds being the most valuable. At Mandi & Co, our diamonds undergo rigorous colour grading to ensure you receive a gem with the subtle, colourless elegance you desire.

**3. Clarity:** No two diamonds are exactly alike, and inclusions, or "flaws," are a part of their unique character. Clarity measures the absence of these inclusions, with fewer inclusions indicating greater rarity and value. We employ advanced technology like Gemscopes to evaluate clarity, so you can have complete confidence in your Mandi & Co diamond.

**4. Carat:** Carat weight represents the size of the diamond. While size is an essential factor, it's not the sole determinant of value. At Mandi & Co, we recognise that the other C's, including cut, colour, and clarity, play vital roles in the overall worth of a diamond.

At Mandi & Co, we add a fifth "C" – "Commitment" – symbolizing our dedication to providing you with the finest quality diamonds and ensuring your confidence in every purchase. Explore the world of diamonds with Mandi & Co and discover the perfect gem for your special moments.