Jewellery Design Service

Design Your Dream Piece

Welcome to the home of bespoke custom jewellery, where your unique vision becomes a dazzling reality. Behind our exceptional creations stands a team of remarkable designers and skilled jewellers, each meticulously chosen to offer you the pinnacle of design and craftsmanship. With a collective experience spanning over 100 years, our staff is dedicated to bringing you the finest in jewellery artistry. Starting with your first consultation with Mandi.

From the very spark of an idea, we guide you through a creative adventure. Our talented designers, skilled in both hand sketching and advanced computer rendering, transform your concepts into tangible designs. Together, we explore the world of diamonds and gemstones, educating you about various options and helping you select the perfect stones for your masterpiece.

The magic truly unfolds as our skilled jewellers handcraft your creation with precision and care. And then comes the moment we cherish the most – when we hand it over to you, right here in our store. Witnessing your reaction as you hold your custom piece is what fuels our passion for crafting exceptional jewellery. It's an art, a journey, and a memory we create together.