Our Story

Where it all began

Mandi started in the Industry in a small boutique Jewellery shop in Melbourne when she was just 15 years old, this is where her love for design and sparkle was born. She also worked on the Jewellery bench and learnt some great aspects of Jewellery making that has been extremely valuable in her Career as a Jewellery designer. 

After working in Western Australia’s far north with Argyle Diamonds, Mandi opened her first Jewellery business in 2003. Over the years she has built a large following, now even designing pieces for the children of her earliest clients. Mandi has clients all over Australia and her communication skills and customer service ensures that there are no obstacles dealing with clients from a distance. Mandi is proud of her national following and is grateful for the trust people have in her.

Our Mission 

Being a big name in business has never been our priority, but making a big difference has. 

Our Team

The Team at Mandi & Co is made up of some of the best Jewellery Designers, Jewellers, Valuers, Jewellery Consultants, CAD Designers, Illustrators & Suppliers, who we are truly honoured to have onboard.